Relationship Counselling in London

Are you finding things difficult with your partner? Do you feel you are losing patience with your children, or maybe struggling to communicate with your family?

Relationships are never simple, and regardless of your connections with the people who matter in your life there will always be ups and downs. The stress of modern life only increases the pressure that we can feel at times, often causing tension and conflict with those closest to us and leaving us with feelings of anger, resentment and regret.

If relationship issues are becoming a problem in your life, you may find counselling or psychotherapy can help you to discover healthier ways of relating to others. Relationship counselling can help improve how you relate to the people around you, allowing you to break free from old and negative patterns. This is relevant to all areas of relationships, including couples, families and work colleagues.

Common Relationship Issues - Tell Tale Signs Of Problems

Relationships play a key part in the overall scheme of human experience. There is a deep need within all of us to belong, which is often satisfied with the forming of close relationships.

The intimacy involved in these close relationships manifests in different forms, some emotional and some sexual. This can be difficult for some people, as becoming emotionally close to someone often involves a great level of trust and vulnerability.

The people involved in a relationship depend on each other in varying ways and will often influence each other, either positively or negatively . Due to this mutual dependency, any change or issue one person in a relationship is going through almost always has an impact on the other person involved.

Some of these common issues that can lead to relationship problems include:

  • Commitment issues
  • Jealousy
  • Sexual problems
  • Imbalances in power
  • Problematic friendships
  • Infidelity
  • Trust issues
  • Lack of communication
  • Resentment

How Can Relationship Counselling Help?

Just by talking with a relationship counsellor about your concerns in a safe and confidential environment can help you to improve the connections you have with other people, developing them to be more meaningful and less stressful.

Couples counselling is a long proven and beneficial therapy where both partners sit down with the aim of resolving their relationship problems, with the help and supervision of a non-biased therapist. This provides a healthy opportunity for both partners in a relationship to discuss their issues in a controlled manner, while the counsellor aids these discussions and helps to identify any problems within the relationship.

It is a common oversight that people only seek counselling for relationship problems within sexual or intimate settings. While couples are generally the most common clients for relationship therapy, it is not unusual for people to seek help for relationship problems with families, friends or work colleagues.

Some individuals may feel that their relationship or intimacy issues lay solely with themselves, and that couples counselling would not be the best route to deal with these issues. In cases of this nature, personal counselling can be more suitable as it will help identify problematic relationship patterns or intimacy issues, with the aim of dealing with these issues to help improve current and future relationships.

If you're having problems with any of your personal relationships, please contact me to discuss how counselling could help you.